DBS Checks

If you are going to host students under the age of 18, you will need to have a DBS check. This used to be called a CRB check.

What is a DBS check?

This means that we (through an agency) check your police records. It is to make sure you haven’t got any criminal convictions that stop you from working with children.
There are different types of checks and we do an ENHANCED check with Barred list.
If you have had a DBS check before, you will recognise the green certificate. This certificate will either say that you have no convictions, or will list any convictions that have shown up.
If you have a certificate already, for example from your job or some volunteering you do, we might be able to use that.
If you have registered with the Update Service, we can also use that.

What DBS certificates can we accept?

We can accept certificates if:
– They are for ENHANCED checks
– It says on it CHILD WORKFORCE
– It was done in the last three years

It doesn’t matter if it was for paid or for volunteer work.
We can’t use a certificate that is for ADULTS

What is the Update Service?

If you a register with the Update Service, it means that we can quickly and easily check your status online. You just need to give us your date of birth and your update ID number.

How to do a DBS check?

If you don’t have a DBS certificate and haven’t registered with the Update Service, then we can do a check for you. It is free. You can either fill in the information yourself, or Karen will call you and ask you for the information over the phone.

This is the information you will need to provide:
– Your date and place of birth
– Any change of surname or first name including the year you changed name
– The month and year that you moved into your current address
– Any other addresses for the last 5 years with dates (month and year)
– Names and dates of birth of people you live with
– We will also need to see a photo ID (passport or driving licence is best)

How long does the DBS check take?

A DBS check can take two weeks to two months. There is no set time. The length of time it takes is completely random. There is no link between how long it takes, and what might show up on the certificate.

When the check is finished, we at English Plus just get an email to say either
A. your DBS check is clear or
B. that something has shown up on your police records

What convictions could show up?

We do an Enhanced and Barred list check for working with children. This is what is checked:
An enhanced check will show any unspent convictions, cautions, warnings or reprimands along with any spent convictions and cautions that are not eligible for filtering. Intelligence held by the police may also be included if the Police reasonably believe it is pertinent to a recruitment decision.
An enhanced check with DBS Barred list check will show the same information as an enhanced check along with any information held on the barred list(s) being checked (Children’s, Adults’ or Both).
(source: www.safecic.co.uk)

The convictions etc, if you have any, show on your green certificate. We don’t get the certificate, that just goes to you. All we get is an email to say yes – there is something, or it is all clear.
If we get an email to say that something has shown up on your check, we will speak to you and will need to see your certificate. We will then assess whether the conviction affects your suitability to host young people. Having something on your police record doesn’t automatically mean that you won’t be able to host.

The Update Service

When we carry out a new DBS check, we strongly recommend you also sign you up for the Update Service. It means that, in future, we won’t need to do a new check. You can also use this update service for any other voluntary work with children.